As of 2016/2017 academic year all laptop carts in grades 3 – 5 have been equipped with new laptops as part of the 3-year computer lifecycle. Each of the 3 grade levels has a laptop cart with 18 laptops located in homeroom classrooms. Grades PreK - Grade 2 have access to small laptop hubs (4-5 laptops) located in their homeroom classrooms. In addition to this ISB has an iPad program and as part of this Lower School is using two iPad carts with 40 iPads in total, which are available for our Students on a checkout basis.
A robust wireless infrastructure has been installed at the Lower School campus to meet the growing demand of mobile device users. The redesigned LS Library has grown into a Media Lab, which offers 18 Desktop computers for student research. Classroom teachers each have a wireless laptop and all classrooms are equipped with ceiling mounted projectors and screens and all classrooms have in addition Apple TV devices for iPad wireless presentation features. The Lower School also has several checkout document cameras, digital cameras, and HD digital camcorders for teacher and student use. The Lower School utilizes high-quality educational software suitable for various learning needs which are increasingly falling under Web 2.0 banner.
As part of the internet connection infrastructure ISB has an Internet filtering/monitoring system which is preventing students from visiting inappropriate websites. ISB has a modern "follow-me-print" system where all Students and Faculty can easily release their print and copy jobs with their ID Cards on Multi functional printing devices which are available in all areas of the Lower School. Beside the up to date educational Tech infrastructure the Lower School has state of the art security systems such as IP based CCTV system, 2-way PA system in each room and a chip based locking system. All of the mentioned systems are ensuring that ISB Students have easy access to the modern educational technology and at the same time a secure environment for their learning.