To be knowledge-able in a digitally advancing world requires citizens to continually adapt and perfect skills for accessing, analyzing, and critically consuming and producing information. ISB recognizes for these literacies to become life-long abilities, technology integration needs to be purposeful and hands-on. Engaging and learner-centered activities inspire our students to learn through technology in BYOL and 2:1 laptop programs from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Sets of iPads on each campus provide classes powerful apps for hands-on and instant learning activities. The Library Media Center has a suite of desktop computers for a focus on research and information literacy. Creative expression and presentation of new knowledge is further accomplished through the use of audio and video hardware and iMac suites for editing and post production.
All classrooms at ISB are equipped with ceiling-mounted digital projectors and Apple TV's for wireless playback, and easy access to scanning and printing for all. We are a Google Apps for Education school providing school-monitored access to Gmail and other Google Suite apps for students in grades 3 -12 as well as faculty. 
ISB has adopted the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) - created by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) - to improve the practices and conditions required for learning through technology.  These standards encourage developmental and discipline-specific uses of technology to strengthen knowledge along with the skills and attitudes of inquiry-based education. An ethos of life-long learning is modeled to our students by professionals continually upgrading their skills and practices while reflecting on the uses of technology to optimize learning. 
Moodle, the most popular online education platform in the world, is used to enhance teaching, learning and communication across all grades. Moodle, or “Moodlic” as we have named it here, is used by teachers and learners from kindergarten to grade twelve. The Moodlic LMS (Learning Management System) provides the convenience, accessibility, and organizational ability inherent in a web-based communication and productivity platform. Teacher-created pages hosted inside this password-protected environment allow for the protected display of lesson schedules, curricular expectations, course layouts, assessment policies, educational resources etc., alongside components requiring student interaction and the co-creation of knowledge in the upper grades.
Successful technology programs require constant access to technology professionals. ISB employs an IT Director, IT Specialist/IS Manager, and two IT Technicians as part of a team providing a seamless digital-age learning environment.