World Languages

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At The International School of Belgrade, we aim to support our students in connecting with others and gaining new perspectives of the world around them through our World Languages Program.
Our world languages are taught by language specialists starting from Grade 1 in Primary school through to IB students in High school. Lessons are taught during curriculum time and are separate from our Mother Tongue Program and are between 45 minutes to 110 minutes long.
  • Grades 1-5: Language acquisition French and Spanish
  • Grades 6-10: Language acquisition French and Spanish 
  • Grades 11 and 12: Language acquisition is through the IB curriculum: French and Spanish B, German ab initio
Mother Tongue Program
We support the development of our students' Mother Tongue Languages and aim to promote such development in our Learning Programme here at ISB. At the moment Serbian mother tongue language is taught during curriculum time. For other mother tongue languages the classes are held upon requests from families and availability of native speakers teachers. We currently offer a range of mother tongue programmes for both Primary and Secondary students who can read and write in their mother tongue. Classes are held at school during the cross-curricular activity program.