Meet ISB Students

Celine, Grade 12

Nationality: Dutch and Kenyan
Years at ISB: Three
Previous educational experiences: I have previously been at international schools in the Netherlands, Tanganyika, and lastly, Mozambique.
Thoughts on ISB: ISB is a very comforting and friendly community. There is a lot you can achieve, such as joining drama productions, being a part of the services, and getting involved with our music and rock shows. Students are very hard working and always try to achieve their best in whatever areas they are involved in.

Favorite ISB moment so far: My favorite moments have been formed during the CEESA tournaments. There are different challenges that you face, but there are great moments interacting with other international students. Additionally, you get to travel to different countries, such as Russia, Finland, and Latvia, and experience their amazing cultures.  
Favorite subject: My favorite subject is psychology, as you get the opportunity to learn about the functions of the human brain and why people behave the way they do. There are so many interesting studies you learn about, as well as theories that are yet to be sufficiently researched.  

Activities: The activities I have been a part of, mostly consist of the after school sports. These include football, basketball and volleyball. Every year there is a new team, and there are always exciting challenges that we face, such as playing against local and international teams.
Expeditions: My favorite expedition was traveling to Venice, Italy. It was great spending time with your peers whilst also exploring Italian art, music, and mathematics. In addition, we got to walk around and experience a completely different culture, it's delicious food, and their way of living.
Out of comfort zone moment: I had the opportunity to take an online course, Business and Management. During my first year, this was different to what I was used to, and I had to become far more independent. However, this was a hugely positive experience for me as I developed organizational and time management skills that I had struggled with in the past.
Future aspirations: I wish to use my psychology, interest in human resource management, working with people, and wish to remain part of the business industry. I thus have chosen to pursue a career in the hospitality industry and aspire to build my own multinational hotel.