Meet ISB Students

Leo, Grade 11

Nationality: Italian
Years at ISB: Four
Previous educational experiences: International schools in New York City and Washington D.C, as well as Rome.
Thoughts on ISB: Although small school in numbers, stronger relationships between students of all grades and teachers. Makes the learning more intimate and generally much better.
Favorite ISB moment so far: Too many but I have enjoyed all my trips all over Europe, which have been sports, activities, and academic related. Great seeing how students and teachers connect outside of school.
Favorite subject: My favorite subject in the IB is definitely History. I enjoy discussing and writing about the events that unfolded in the past as they have shaped the world we live in today.
Activities: I have been on the football team since grade 8. It is my favorite sport to watch and play. I also write articles for the Dragon’s Den, our school newspaper. It is a way to be more informed on current events. Furthermore, I have participated in Model United Nations, because I wish to develop my confidence and skills in public speaking.
Expeditions: Classroom Without Walls in Vienna, Austria. It was a great experience for myself and the rest of the grade. Our travels brought us all together and enriched our sightseeing and visits to the various galleries and museums. The trip also helped us make connections between what we had learned in class and the real world.
Out of comfort zone moment: My first day at ISB was definitely my out of comfort zone moment. I was a new student, so it was obviously a bit challenging. However, it took very little time for me to fit into the learning and social environment of the school and now I am committed to ending my schooling at ISB.
Future aspirations: Dream is to be a football player but more realistically something that involves writing and getting involved in international issues.