Meet ISB Students

Madison, Grade 7

Nationality: American.
Years at ISB: Two
Previous educational experiences: I’ve been to seven different schools in the United States, and an international school in Germany.
Thoughts on ISB: It’s a great school, the staff are all good people, and the homework load is manageable. I’ve also enjoyed the range of different activities to get involved with.
Favorite ISB moment so far: Playing in the CEESA basketball tournament even though I was only in the B-team. Getting a chance to play in the tournament was great and it allowed us to get the skills and experience to make the A team next year.
Favorite subject(s): English and Math. Although they are different I love reading and writing and I like the logic required in math.
Activities: I am involved with basketball, Dragon’s Den (school newspaper), choral group, literary ladies, and iBark (service project with animal shelter).
Expeditions: I went on the Djerdap excursion this year, and that taught me to always make sure that tents are waterproof! Loved getting to know my grade better and had a lot of fun together.
Out of comfort zone moment: When I started working on algebra and integers last year in math. It took a lot of work to help me understand it but these are now in my comfort zone!
Future aspirations: I want to be a veterinarian and own an animal shelter in Belgrade, while working as a part-time English teacher (possibly at ISB?).