Meet ISB Students

Teodora, Grade 10

Nationality: Serbian.
Years at ISB: Two

Previous educational experiences: 8 years in Serbian national school system.
Thoughts on ISB: ISB is a welcoming and accepting community with a lot of opportunities for everyone.
Favorite ISB moment so far: CEESA trips have to be my favorite ISB moments, because we get to travel, see other countries, encounter new cultures, as well as meet people from other international schools.
Favorite subject: My favorite subject is film. It is en elective but it matches one of my potential future interests. It offers you the opportunity to try various roles thereby giving you the experience as if you were part of the real film industry.  
Activities: I have been part of the school online newspaper team, Dragon’s Den, as well as yoga, choir, volleyball, and our service group, which helped to support refugees.  
Expeditions: This year we went Stara Planina, which was a great trip with a lot of activities, such as hiking, abseiling and rock-climbing, that allowed us to step out of our comfort zone. It also gave us time to bond with people we don’t usually hang out with a lot, especially at the end of the day when we all gathered around the bonfire, listened to music, and just chatted together.  
Out of comfort zone moment: Taking the responsibility of being the director for for our film class’ movie, which was premier artistic focus for the whole community.  
Future aspirations: Ever since I was a child I have always wanted to see the world. I am not sure what my true calling is or where it will take me but I am excited about the search to find out.