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Left to Right: Michael Warfield, Tamara Zujovic, Danijela Cemovic Mecklenburg, Cynthia Ebeid, Nina Jankovic, Mario Glocknitzer, Stephanie Papp and Vladimir Ilic
The International School of Belgrade is governed by a Board of Trustees (The Board), all of whom are volunteers. The Board is composed of members elected by the parents and appointed members. 
The Board is guided by the ISB Charter. Below is a summary of the School Board’s responsibilities and member composition.

The responsibility and functions of the School Board are:
  • Writing and overseeing school Policy
  • Employment and evaluation of the Director
  • Financial oversight
  • Preparation of School Budget
  • Elections of School Board
  • Amendments to the Charter
  • Other matters not delegated to the association by the Charter
Board of Trustees Membership
The School Board shall consist of no less than seven members and no more than ten. Three members shall be appointed by the U.S. Ambassador, one of which shall be the Treasurer. A minimum of two and a maximum of five members shall be elected from the membership. The Board may choose to appoint up to two additional members. At least one member of the Board – either elected or appointed – must be a Serbian citizen. The Board shall not appoint the same member for more than 3 consecutive years. Elected members may not serve for more than 3 consecutive terms (6 years).

Board Meetings

Association Meetings:
Regular meetings of the Association shall be held twice a year, in the fall and in the spring, normally in December and May. One month’s notice shall be given to the members of the Association for these meetings. 

Board of Trustees meetings:
Board Meetings: The Board meetings may be Open Sessions, Special Meetings, or Executive Sessions.
Open Sessions are held at least two times every school year. Open sessions are open to all members of the Association and other interested persons.
Special Meetings may be called at any time by the Chair, by the Secretary upon the written request of four (4) or more Board members, or upon receipt of a petition signed by thirty (30) or more voting members of the Association with such petition stating the subject(s) to be addressed.
Special Meetings are usually open to all members of the Association and other interested persons.
The Board holds executive sessions to discuss sensitive matters the disclosure of which would not be in the interest of individuals concerned or of the School as a whole. An executive session can be called during any open session or special meeting when a quorum is present or by the Chair (or Vice Chair in case of the Chair’s absence) or by written request of four or more Board members. 
Board of Trustees Membership 2023 – 2024 School Year
The Board of Trustees has reconvened including as follows (in alphabetical order):
  • Cynthia Ebeid, Chair
  • Vladimir Ilić, Vice-Chair
  • Stephanie Papp, Treasurer
  • Nina Janković, Secretary & Board Communications Officer
  • Danijela Cemović Mecklenburg
  • Mario Glocknitzer
  • Naida Zečević-Bean
  • Tamara Žujović
  • Andrew Whitworth
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