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Linking our Classrooms to the World using Virtual Field Trips
December 10, 2020
The ability to take students beyond the classroom walls and into the community for a field-trip is not always easy or possible. These limitations have never been more true than during the current pandemic facing our global community. With ISB’s investment in new video conferencing and computer stations, we can bring the world into...
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Balancing the IB Programme with High Level Sports
November 20, 2020
Is it possible to balance the IB Programme with High Level Sports. Grade 12 student Masa, explains how she balances academics with her passion - Basketball. My name is Masa and I am a high level athlete and currently studying in the IB Programme at ISB. I have been attending ISB since Grade 9 and I...
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Designing Products for Authentic Learning
November 18, 2020
The basis‌ of the constructionist theory of learning states that through the creation of artifacts (products), learners develop a sustained understanding (Orey, 2010). The active participation in the building of knowledge through artifacts is a distinguishing feature that makes this type of learning most relevant for design students. Students research ideas and develop designs...
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Movement Screening System
We are excited to announce that the International School of Belgrade will be pioneering a revolutionary system of movement screening and intervention throughout the school. This innovative scheme aims to improve movement efficiency and focuses on physical literacy. The wellbeing of our young people is at the forefront of our vision and program. Functional movement screening has been used in professional...
Arts Festival
Our Festival of Arts @ISB has been a wonderful success with incredible artwork from our art and design students, amazing performances from our Middle and High School Drama students and Beethoven remixed from our music students.
COVID Information Page
ISB is committed to helping all children, everywhere, continue to learn through this difficult period. Our Virtual Learning page is regularly updated to provide all students access to a variety of age-appropriate learning experiences and resources. We are also delighted that our own students and families are getting involved in helping us create resources. Please click on the links above to view...

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