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Supporting ISB's Global Minded Changemakers
For grade 12 students at the International School of Belgrade (ISB), graduation isn't just a ceremony; it's the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, supported by a team of committed educators. At the heart of this system lies our University Counseling Office and Diploma Coordinator, who offer personalized assistance with university applications, standardized...
ISB Celebrates 75 Years with Vibrant Mural by Artez
ISB unveils a vibrant mural by Serbian artist Artez, commemorating the school's 75th anniversary and showcasing student creativity, now displayed prominently on campus. ISB is delighted to present a stunning new addition to our campus—a mural created by Artez, a distinguished Serbian street artist, in commemoration of our school's 75th anniversary. Artez is celebrated for his exceptional talent in blending photo-realism...
Professional Learning Community (PLC) Symposium at the ISB
Over the past three years, ISB has transformed professional learning from something done at you to something done with you and by you. Teachers own their learning by engaging in a PLC. They have complete autonomy to choose who they want to work with and the direction of their personal inquiry. Throughout the school year, we collaborate with other groups, get...

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Primary School
Temišvarska 19
11040 Belgrade, Serbia
phone: +381 11 206-9999 (option 2),
fax: +381 11 206-9940
Secondary School
Radivoja Lole Đukića 1a
11040 Belgrade, Serbia
phone: +381 11 206-9999 (option 3),
fax: +381 11 206-9942
Business Office
Puškinova 40
11040 Belgrade, Serbia
phone: +381 11 206-9999 (option 4),
fax: +381 11 206-9944