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A Lifelong Love Of Words
May 6, 2021
My first introduction to words was no different than most other kids - I used to beg my parents to read me bedtime stories. More often than not, the stories would not lull me to sleep but keep me awake and asking questions. Unfortunately, it was not the same for my parents, who were...
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What if? The Future of Education
March 10, 2021
How many times have you heard someone say that education is outdated and schools are not preparing children for the reality of their present, let alone their future? So, why are schools like this? Why are they not changing, and what if they could change? We all know that the system of schooling was created to...
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Linking our Classrooms to the World using Virtual Field Trips
December 10, 2020
The ability to take students beyond the classroom walls and into the community for a field-trip is not always easy or possible. These limitations have never been more true than during the current pandemic facing our global community. With ISB’s investment in new video conferencing and computer stations, we can bring the world into...
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ISB, An Outstanding School
Over the past few years, ISB has been on an ambitious journey towards becoming an Outstanding School. Despite the pandemic, our community has continued to make excellent progress towards this goal. In some countries, and with some accreditation agencies, schools are given a rating. The best schools aspire to be an Outstanding School. There are many...
Class of 2021 University Acceptances
The Class of 2021 is working hard to complete their IB Diploma Exams. Most have received their offers from their universities. Unfortunately, not all universities have made their decisions. The pandemic has meant that many have been uncharacteristically slow to make offers of acceptance. Nonetheless the Class of 2021 students who made their applications already have all received at least...
NEASC/IB Accreditation Summary Report - March 2021
Dear Parents and ISB Community, Full International Accreditation requires a great deal of commitment from a school community. It requires a lot of time and effort, along with a willingness to receive feedback, to reflect and to grow. In return, the school becomes truly learning-focused and the community gains reassurance that their school is a high quality institution on a global...

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