Child Protection

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The International School of Belgrade is committed to ensuring that all children learn in a safe and healthy environment regardless of race, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation. We believe that a child’s well-being is paramount and that each child has the right to be protected from harm at all times. In this regard, we adhere to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, in particular Articles 3, 14, 19, 36 and 37.
As such, we have a series of policies and requirements for all staff designed to protect the children in our care. These cover all areas of school operations, including safe recruiting, background checks, social media use, trips and many more.
All staff are expected to keep themselves fully up to date with our CP Policies.
CEESA Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection is a priority for every CEESA School.
  • CEESA commits to supporting school environments that safeguard children through both prevention and intervention.
  • CEESA works in cooperation with international agencies to ensure standards associated with best practices are regularly reviewed, revised, and applied in all operations, activities, and events.
  • CEESA leaders honor and uphold child protection guidelines and procedures, in partnership with all stakeholders in their respective school communities.
All CEESA schools will:
  1. Actively uphold the CEESA Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement
  2. Implement School based Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and Procedures that includes regular onsite training
  3. Employ Safe Recruitment Practices consistent with Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies
  4. Educate students and adults on Safeguarding and Child Protection