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This Information Notice on Personal Data Processing (hereinafter the “Information Notice”) is dedicated to the parents of children in the process of enrollment with the International School of Belgrade (hereinafter “ISB”) and is intended to offer an overview on the processing activities performed by ISB. For the purposes of this Information Notice, the controller is ISB, in its capacity of international educational institution.

1. Sources of the personal data.

ISB processes all the personal data that you fill in the admissions inquiry form and the online application forms (parent portal), including, but not limited to the identification data, family and household data, health data and data on the educational background of your child. Additionally, personal data are collected and processed from the various documents, reports that you upload on the online platform. All the data processed via the online parent portal platform are obtained directly from you, and may be further completed by references that ISB asks from former schools attended by your children or derived from various tests your child takes as part of the admissions procedure.

2. Purposes for processing

Each processing operations is performed by ISB for a clear and legally allowed purpose. The main purposes for processing of students and parents of students’ data at this stage are:

  • Granting access to the online parent portal platform for admissions initiation;
  • Reviewing the application and documents uploaded to support the application and taking a decision on the admission;
  • Performing various actions and communication related to your application (e.g. testing);
  • Preparation of the enrollment agreement.
  • Data Analytics

3. Legal basis for processing

According to Law on Personal Data Protection, each controller should inform data subjects on the legal basis used for processing personal data. Therefore, ISB hereby expressly lays down the legal grounds, which allow ISB the processing of personal data.

1. For the performance of the enrollment agreement, as well as in order to take steps at your request for entering into the enrollment agreement and to further provide the educational services. Please note that there are some mandatory categories of personal data necessary in order to conclude the enrollment agreement and provide the educational services to students in their best interest. The mandatory categories of personal data are included in the online application form that you are filling in as part of the application process. Please take into consideration, that all the mandatory categories of data are necessary for ISB to be able to evaluate your application and finally to enroll your child. Failure to provide all the information marked as mandatory will lead to impossibility of ISB to process your application and to enter into the enrollment agreement with you.

2. For the performance of a task carried out in the public interest, considering that ISB provides educational services, regarded as a service of public interest, according to the local provisions governing the education system; With respect to the processing of the special categories of personal data under the Law, respectively health data, please take into consideration that ISB processes health data based on the following legal grounds:

3. The necessity of the doctor’s office to process such data for the purpose of preventive and occupational medicine, medical diagnosis and the provision of health or social care or treatment on the basis of local legislation.

4. Third parties with access to personal data

At this stage of our relationship, ISB discloses your Personal Data only to those members of ISB staff, who are involved in the admissions process and that will further take all the steps to ensure the enrollment of the student. During the enrollment, personal data are not transferred to third countries.

5. Period of storage

Personal data uploaded on the online parent portal platform in this process are held for as long as the enrollment procedure lasts. For the situations where you have submitted an application via the online parent portal platform but unfortunately, ISB was not able to proceed to the enrollment phase or you have decided to withdraw/recede the application, the personal data collected from you will be held for a period of one year.

6. Profiling and automated decision

ISB does not perform any type of profiling, nor does ISB take any automated decision related to its students and their parents and therefore not all the provisions related to creation of profiles are applicable.

7. Exercise of rights

The Serbian data protection legislation provides for a series of rights that data subjects can exercise with regard to the processing of their personal data by controllers (such as the right to lodge a complaint with the Serbian Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, with headquarters at 15 Kralja Aleksandra Belgrade, Serbia and the right of access to your personal data).

8. Contact us

You can always obtain more information on the processing your personal data by ISB by contacting our appointed Data Protection Officer at