Co-Curricular Activities

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The International School of Belgrade is committed to offering students the opportunity to nurture their physical and mental development through participation in the Co-Curricular Activities Program by:
  • Furthering the knowledge, understanding, and skills developed within the curriculum.
  • Encouraging positive participation, building school culture and teaching pride within our community.
  • Developing commitment, organization, and self-discipline.
Our Co-Curricular Activities program is designed for students in grades Kindergarten – Gr. 12 and consists of three seasons: fall, winter, and spring. All activities are run by professionals in their own field.

Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to explore a variety of areas outside the academic curriculum that is offered during the regular school day. Our Co-Curricular Activities engage students in fun activities that create a desire to learn, build on and extend previous knowledge, and teach students to interact in a fair and friendly manner. Our rich sports offerings are in compliance with recommendations by the World Health Organization, which encourages a healthy lifestyle from an early age.
Every season we introduce new activities and include our ever-popular favorites.