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Drama at ISB

Theater and drama activities at ISB provide the opportunity for students to actively engage in theater as creators, designers, directors, and performers. Students participating in MYP Performing Arts immerse themselves in a wide-range of units, including Improvisation, World Puppetry, Shakespeare, Ancient Greek theatre, Pantomime, Melodrama, Musical Theatre, Mask & Commedia, Page to Stage, Collaborative Theatre Making, Naturalism & Stanislavski, Epic Theatre & Brecht, World Theatre.  The activities in the units emphasize working both individually and collaboratively as part of a more focused and passionate group with a view to sharing their work with an audience.  Each semester, students in the MYP present their work in workshops and showcases to parents and the ISB community.  Students are encouraged to appreciate and acknowledge the role of theatre in our community and on a global scale. 

DP Theatre at ISB

At ISB students have the option to study DP Theatre in Group 6 elective of the IB Diploma Programme which ideally builds on their  MYP Arts experience. The IB Diploma Programme guide explains that the theatre course is a multifaceted theatre-making course of study. It is a great course that gives students the opportunity to make theatre as creators, designers, directors and performers. It emphasizes the importance of working both individually and collaboratively as part of an ensemble.
Students experience the course from contrasting artistic perspectives. They learn to apply research and theory to inform and to contextualize their work. The theatre course encourages students to appreciate that through the processes of researching, creating, preparing, presenting and critically reflecting on theatre— as participants and audience members—they gain a richer understanding of themselves, their community and the world.
It is a popular subject choice at ISB with an above world average level of success.
  • Key Features of DP Theatre assessment model include:
  • The Theatre Journal.
  • Task 1: Solo Theatre Piece (HL only).                                  
  • Task 2: Director’s Notebook.  
  • Task 3: Research Presentation.  
  • Task 4: Collaborative Project
DP Theatre Showcases
Students are expected to share their performance work for a wider audience. This includes the student led Collaborative Group Project pieces and HL solo pieces in both years of the program.
  • Past Collaborative Theatre Project Performances Include:
  • Sticks & Stones, Take Two, Be Here, A Guide To Staying Connected
  • Past Solo Performances:
  • NoBody, I’m Not Ready, Captain, Tiffany, Trapped.
At ISB we encourage involvement with outside artists and practitioners to help widen the student’s exposure and understanding of the subject and encourage connections to the real world of professional theatre. This has included in house workshops with local professional make-up artists, choreographers, online live workshops in puppetry and international theatre companies.
Each year our DP Theatre students are offered the opportunity to attend ISTA TaPS. TaPS is ISTA’s  unique Theatre arts Programme Symposium, offering a three-day intensive training workshop that gives students of IB Diploma Theatre the perfect opportunity to authentically engage with the programme.  In 2016, ISB Theatre students attended TAPs London and met with other International students, engaged in professionally led theatre workshops, attended a range of performances. It acted as a fantastic resource for further explorations of IB DP Theatre back in school.
In 2017 ISB hosted a High School Bonsai ISTA festival. The starting point was: Physical Graffiti and started with a walking tour of the graffiti and street art of Belgrade led by ISB teachers and students. The ISTA high school festival brings together young people, artists and teachers from different countries to experience, create and learn about theatre. The festival helped students to develop high end theatre skills with ensembles led by ISTA professionals as well as leaving the festival experience more internationally minded, confident, and collaborative. The festival culminated in a final ensemble performance that was shared with the school community.

After School Performance Opportunities
Outside of the classroom, students from grades six through twelve can be found participating in various after-school activities centered around the art of the stage.  Past performances by the middle school have included Seussical the Musical, Jr., Annie, Jr., Ten/Two by Lindsay Price, and The Bottom of the Lake, by Steven Stack.  High school students have performed in Selfie by Bradley Hayward, The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard, Oh, What A Distract- Oh Look There’s A Kitten by Ian McWethy.  Often, the middle and high school work together to produce memorable shows, such as the Madrigal Dinner with Shakespeare Shorts & Invisible Theatre in the Art Exhibition and Guys and Dolls, Jr., both of which premiered at the annual Upper School Winter Arts Festival. 
Annual Arts Event - High School Drama students have the opportunity to showcase elements of their classwork. In the spring of 2018 students performed selected scenes from Anton Chekhov’s play Uncle Vanya  and their self created pieces of Forum Theatre were performed outside and featured as performance art pieces inside the Art Exhibition Gallery.
The dramatic arts play an integral part in student life at ISB.  Students are exploring and building 21st century skills- Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration.  Through rigorous classwork, challenging and fun showcases, and after-school performance opportunities, students grow together as a community and practice empathy and teamwork.